The next stage

Nicola Gibbs

As it is the end of a 9 year cycle, I am going to be embarking on some new adventures.

Over the last few years I have been working at various festivals encouraging children and adults to help me paint large canvases.

Originally the idea was to provide something else to amuse people while at a festival, but the experience delivered so much more. The conversations that you have and the people that you meet. The baring of souls. The excitement, sheer joy and enthusiasm especially if throwing paint is an option!

One thing that stands out about the canvases created is the energy of them, as the canvas is worked and re worked several times. They are vibrant and joyful and people go away feeling a sense of achievement and togetherness, as well as learning to use oil paints, acrylics, inks and texture.

It has been interesting that canvases have their own unique energy according to who helped create it and what event it was at.

So, I have decided to do group art projects in different parts of the world - starting in places such as India, Cuba and Romania where children have not had the chance to enjoy being creative with paints - in order to see the energy results and to see how the consciousness shift is affecting children worldwide.

As I said before, it is rather like being on a flying carpet together. Many that share this spiritual creative experience then continue to evolve rapidly on a telepathic higher dimensional level - linking with everyone else in an energy sense that has enjoyed this flying carpet experience.

It has made me really aware of how the power of two is infinitely greater than one. That when we create together, we surpass our own ego and become a powerful collective.

Our hearts expand and our chakras naturally flow open during this experience - thereby bringing light into an area where the canvas is created, filling each person with light, and radiating that light back into each persons unique direction.

As with the teaching it is like the children have been sent by spirit. As if we agreed to do this before we came here. (Ironic then that first chosen meeting place would be called 'Godshill') So often there is a recognition at a soul level and I am very much the student, merely giving them the confidence and confirmations to stand in the light with a powerful voice.

I have lost count in the number of children that I meet that say that they are 11. I would consider this to be a gateway age where they have the memory of the pre life state not yet fully erased, but are old enough to speak their mind about what makes them happy and have mastered some inner strength as well as competency with laying paint down.

I urge everyone to encourage young people to be creative. Give them the tools to access their genius whilst they meditate without trying.

And, to Indigo, Crystal, Liquid Crystal and Rainbow Children EVERYWHERE - don't back down from what you know to be THE PATH.

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