Team building art sessions

Nicola Gibbs

Nicola offers team building courses to groups of people that would benefit from:

 - a good boost of positivity.

- a bringing together of differing energies and showing them how to work powerfully together for the common good.

- a meditation experience with a difference.

- a complete unwind from corporate life.

- expanding their consciousness to experience the bigger picture.

- expressing themselves freely on canvas giving rise to more clear and more dynamic expression in the work place.

Nicola's courses can be booked for the week, or weekend.
They can be booked in conjunction with booking Christmas Cottage or not.
For a full day of art and meditation per person, Nicola charges £80.

Each person will take home their finished creations in oil, silk, pastel, collage or acrylic.
The result for each person, will be a beautiful finished piece of art that will be inspirational, and give each person a sense of well being.

Group art sessions round a large canvas 40x50 inches can also be booked. This is £60 per person.
The result is a fabulous creation of group energy that would look fabulous on any office wall.

A minimum of 4 people is required for these sessions.

Please phone Nicola on 07464616434 or email

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