Adult visionary art workshops

Nicola Gibbs

Channelled art and guided meditation workshops at The Oracle Gallery, Church Hollow, Godshill, Isle of Wight. PO38 3HH
Phone 07464616434 to book a space.

Cost of workshops £20 with own art materials. 

Visionary art is a way of creating spontaneously.
It encourages a complete letting go of the self.

Nicola teaches breathing techniques and takes her students on a guided meditation.

Working with pastels, oils, silk paints, collage or acrylics in a space of joy, love, peace and harmony, and the combined group energy is the perfect way to channel powerful and beautiful art.

The result is awakening art, which through colours, forms symbols and painted with the energy of love, awakens others, and raises their vibration.

The energy of a group working in this way, can be directed outwardly for the healing of the planet, animals and people.

All students get to take home their completed works, along with a sense of wellbeing, confidence, a raised vibration and in the flow with ascension.

All student work will be put onto a film for youtube, and pictures on Facebook, The Oracle Gallery, students work.

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